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Necromanther - Sungrave (Album Version) Song Lyrics

Necromanther - Sungrave (Album Version)

Necromanther - Sungrave (Album Version) lyrics

From beneath the ground
Comes an eery heat
Where something calls me
To a pile of skeletons

From the womb of hell
Bodies await me
The cries of despair
From that flesh and bone prison

I never saw such a gloomy place
The cemetery of lost souls
Spirits forgotten in shadows
In a warm night with a terrible scent

In a spiral of madness
I am sinking deeper
To my grave
Where I'll putrefy
In a church of grotesque architecture
Full of filthy carcasses
Drowned in insane amounts of blood
In a unbearable temperature

Death wandering by the place
Slowly cuts the breathing

The disturbing image disappears
My eyes start to close
The weakness seizes my body
As it falls on the floor and dies
Singer (band) name: Necromanther
Song name: Sungrave (Album Version)
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