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Forlorn Path - Sun Of Despair Song Lyrics

Forlorn Path - Sun Of Despair

Forlorn Path - Sun Of Despair lyrics

With high duress we toiled
With high fire we rose

Dimmest shells of the past slave
Like sprouts fallen in deep thirst
Chronic sighs of the anguished
Newfound cries of triumphant revenge

Beneath the sun of despair, it's fogged

Silent rage, heightened heat
Venge on the over ones
Who bound us in these rusted death-smelling chains

Darkened abyss in the low hearts, vacant of
Surviving relics and memories ever so near
Lest we forgot, lest we'd die captive souls
Rose: a new sun
Fell: a new dawn
Mutiny won

Thralldom falls
It rains, for once
Singer (band) name: Forlorn Path
Song name: Sun Of Despair
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