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Hideous Divinity - Summoning Fists To Heaven Song Lyrics

Hideous Divinity - Summoning Fists To Heaven

Hideous Divinity - Summoning Fists To Heaven lyrics

Praise to the sky
Feed on the lie
At one with
Eternal clouds
Shouting aloud
Bleeding the shroud

Black is the voice
Which leads to the
Perpetual void
I'm aware of the alarm
Locked in organic ways in demise
Cheap redemption
I join the march
Sickening white lines of the dead
Silent formation
Horror is here
Vertigo like fear, not desire

Catch my fall
Even if I crave the void
Know thy name
Instinctive chant
Raise your fist
The solitude of bones won't say my name
A power withing

Revelation, dormant
Crawling larvae of the dead

The silent call

Fists to heaven
With clouds in our eyes
Ignore mass demise

Facing the infinity and raise our cheap human shell
We're pointing at heaven, englobing hell
Antennas where there's no return
Code of denial

Torn and left behind
Avoid the starlight
Togheter we shall reach bliss
Merged with the void
A surrogate of flesh
Togheter we shall become one soul

We sanctify

We struggle to be a part of the only light we can't see now
We follow the sound of the drone thru our empty sockets
Where are we?

Blind the starlight
In mute apathy we lie
Blind the starlight
The code flows in our wires

Save us
Singer (band) name: Hideous Divinity
Song name: Summoning Fists To Heaven
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