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Unlight - Sulphurblooded Song Lyrics

Unlight - Sulphurblooded

Unlight - Sulphurblooded lyrics

I hate everything and everyone
Everything will be broken
Each breath not taken by me
Is one breath too much!

Hate, pure hate!
I'm going to lose!

Absolute denial of mankind
Short twitching impulses
The air seems to burn

Hate, pure hate!
I'm going to lose!

Sulphur! Sulphur!
Blood and flesh
I'm sulphurblooded
Sulphur! Sulphur!
Blood and flesh
I'm sulphurblooded

Waves of black nausea
Flog me through blurred shapes
Blood-red streaks
Nebulized my view

To mutilate them is by far not enough
I want to kill!
I'm going to lose it!

The stench of their ignorance
Just traces of their life
Insignificant is their existence!

Melodies of death enlighten my mind
The way into my bless is paved
With their corpses
Singer (band) name: Unlight
Song name: Sulphurblooded
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