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The Hourglass - Suicidal Form Song Lyrics

The Hourglass - Suicidal Form

The Hourglass - Suicidal Form lyrics

'Mythology versus technology... who will win?"
Robert Fisk

Now after a dozen years
Under merciless skies
They returned again
Used abused
Controlled accused
All of his life
It's time to pay back
Time for revenge

Suicidal form
Die to reborn
Suicidal form
Forever, evermore

Body parts mixed with blood and fire
Burning skin, bones and fingers
Melting metal, steel and glass
Shattered corpses all around
They are screaming
They all will die

Suicidal form
Die to reborn
Suicidal form
Forever, evermore

Now his flesh will mix with theirs
We become one only in death
Singer (band) name: The Hourglass
Song name: Suicidal Form
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