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Sam Cooke - Sugar Dumpling Song Lyrics

Sam Cooke - Sugar Dumpling

Sam Cooke - Sugar Dumpling lyrics

Sugar dumpling, you're my baby
I love you in every way, way, way, way
Sugar dumpling, you're my baby
My love grows stronger every day


Now listen while I tell you a story
A story about my girl
Oh, I call her sugar dumpling because
She's the sweetest thing in this world

Oh, whenever I'm feeling bad
Right away, she puts me to bed
She has two nurses, one to hold my hand
The other one to rub my head
Let her rub it but


Now whenever I'm hungry
I tell her, fix me something to eat
She rushes in the kitchen
And fixes me adinner with
Seven different kinds of meat

And, oh, whenever I call her
At two in the morning and say
Come on over, if you can

Before I hang up the telephone
She's sitting beside me
With a cup of coffee in her hand
Give me that coffee cause


Yeah, sugar dumpling, mmm
Oh, yeah, oh, oh, yeah...
Singer (band) name: Sam Cooke
Song name: Sugar Dumpling
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