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Against Me! - Suffocation Song Lyrics

Against Me! - Suffocation

Against Me! - Suffocation lyrics

We were young heartbreakers estranged from our wealthy parents,
doing key bumps in a handicap bathroom.
Stoned complacent, ambivalent, mass communicating with shared subconscious.

Modern life in the western world.

Homosexual sons of unfulfilled fathers.
Divorced from reality, free and young.
We were bashing our brains out on a kitchen cabinet.
It was a televised crucifixion.
Modern life in the western world.

We were star-crossed, we were destitute.
Our words spoke mass destruction.
We watched the sun rise in the morning.
Daughters in arm, we all are orphans.

Modern life in the western world.

In the western world.
Singer (band) name: Against Me!
Song name: Suffocation
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