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Fase Down - Suffering Song Lyrics

Fase Down - Suffering

Fase Down - Suffering lyrics

[Jeremiah 8: 4-22, James 3: 3-12, Matthew 4: 1-11, John 10: 7-18, Exodus 12: 1-13, James 4: 4-10, Hebrews 12: 1-13]

Wickedness it looms upon the world
How can I stop man
Oppression's victor is no one
Champion, no one
Suffering it feeds upon more suffering
Blinded eyes they search for no one
Why try if I can't find hope anyway
Why try if it makes no difference
Ripe fruits tempting me
Within the fruits the maggots eat the core away
They say they see another way
I say I answer (to) no one

I see, I see
Suffering, I suffer
I see, I see
Suffering, I suffer

Loose tongue unleashes heavy casualties
Leading astray man
Serpent promises all but helps no one
Rewards no one
No longer will I tolerate my suffering
My hands they reach for the Son
The truth is hope in eternity
The truth is hope in the One

My trial, My God

Its time to kill the insurgency
Usurpers trial
No longer can he claim that he owns me
New life freedom
The day that Satan fled the gates
The day the lamb's blood lined the doorway
New eyes life to see
To see Zion

I see, I see
Suffering, No longer
I see, I see
Suffering, No longer

These new eyes, given to me
See beyond the gray, into eternity

I see, I see
Victory, the Victor
I see, I see
Victory, the Victor
Singer (band) name: Fase Down
Song name: Suffering
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