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Crimson Thorn - Suffering Song Lyrics

Crimson Thorn - Suffering

Crimson Thorn - Suffering lyrics

A reaction to the lies, contradiction bred from inside
temptation reigns over the mortal
captive to the principle
prevented slaves of impurity

Carnal flesh in captivity
revered and worshiped the creature
abandoned to self indulgence
removed facade of conformity
defamation by presence.

Idolatry, impurity, outbursts of fury
jealousy, immorality, occasions of envy

Suffered affliction, self intervenes
through perseverance, death is obtained
follow the me, myself, and I
acts of selfishness, arise

Lustful discourse of action
Holy temple destruction
poverty gains on prosperity
obey cause of obedience
offered to sanctification
righteous spirit in unity
overcome human afflictions

Idolatry, impurity, outbursts of fury
jealousy, immorality, occasions of envy
resist temptations, Christ intervenes
through perseverance, life is obtained
Singer (band) name: Crimson Thorn
Song name: Suffering
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