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Forsaken - Sufferance Song Lyrics

Forsaken - Sufferance

Forsaken - Sufferance lyrics

I am a man, who knows affliction
From the rod of his anger
The one whom He has led and forced to walk
In darkness, not in the light

The thought of my homeless poverty
Is wormwood and gall
Remembering it over and over
Leaves my soul downcast within me

But the lord's rejection, does not last forever
Although He punishes, He forgives
In abundance of His mercies

You wrapped yourself in wrath and pursued us
You slew us and took no pity
You hid yourself into a cloud which prayers could not pierce

Till the lord from heaven
Looks down and sees
My eyes torment my soul
At the sight of all the daughters of my city

Suffer... in ecstasy.

[solo: Dan, Sean]
Singer (band) name: Forsaken
Song name: Sufferance
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