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Year Of Desolation - Suffer Thy Nemesis Song Lyrics

Year Of Desolation - Suffer Thy Nemesis

Year Of Desolation - Suffer Thy Nemesis lyrics

Sell yourself short and walk away from the best thing you ever had.
I'm here to tell you, it's not where you're at.
Life's full of regrets the biggest choices that came to pass.
You live your life, your decisions effect this knife in my back.
This fucking knife in my back.
What happened to honor?
What happened to family?
I've lost respect for your face, leave my fucking sight.

I'll pick your face up off of the floor and beat your head into a pulp, as you lie helpless, you reach up for my hand.
Does it look like I care?
I remember the sting you left on me: the pain I feel betrayed.
This time I'm done with your bullshit.
Regrets (are) eating you alive, anxieties that you hide, I bet you're better off dead and I have no remorse.
The maggots on his corpse eat through his flesh, to end your suffering: hold your breath!
Devoured: by lust, devoured: by greed, devoured: by lies, devoured: your life.
Singer (band) name: Year Of Desolation
Song name: Suffer Thy Nemesis
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