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Unstable - Suffer No More Song Lyrics

Unstable - Suffer No More

Unstable - Suffer No More lyrics

Run for your life
We're running for Octavius
They vote the lives
How can you live with a dictating sufferer

No Powers Given to a bald head man!

That's why the block stays hot
That's why we're moving and grooving
Motha Fukka son we got what they want
We got it right here
We got it right there
And we blazing marijuana like we just don't care
So So
You think you can sleep
On the way that we creep
In a jeep and we won't bust
Take a ride in the jeep
And see how deep we can ride
Five Boroughs and Plus
You keep on scheming and fienin
Feeding your fucking demons
You keep on screaming and bleeding
What are you fuck in dreaming?

I know my own goals
Cause of my children I conquer my fears
I know my own goals
My brothers and sisters are dying out there
I know my own goal
Born is to perish and burn in the fire of fear

I live without no skill
And I live for you
Where has my little youth child gone
And I live for
And I kill for you

Most High
Why did you take the
Children out of the land to die
Why must they fear your bullshit?
Your bogus lies

In your shitstem
In your shitstem
Malebolge you hell spawned soldier
You listened to his lines
He sold you oposer
You oposer of our lives

I will not Suffer
I will not Suffer
I will not Suffer
I will not Die!
Singer (band) name: Unstable
Song name: Suffer No More
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