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Corporation 187 - Suffer As One Song Lyrics

Corporation 187 - Suffer As One

Corporation 187 - Suffer As One lyrics

I can't live with the pain
In the end it's all the same
But you can't stand the truth
I never asked you to stay

I am pushing you down
Your lips against the floor
I'm freak and I like to make you suffer like I do
I can't stop the flames
But you will thank me when I'm done
Bringing life to your lust

Don't you bother, spare me your thoughts
I sneak into your mind
I want to taste your fear inside
To figure out your kind
Filtrating my hate through your tears

So just be quiet, don't say a word
It's to late, my precious bird
We will burn like the sun
And suffer as one
Singer (band) name: Corporation 187
Song name: Suffer As One
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