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Scrambled Defuncts - Subterranean Slaughterhouse Song Lyrics

Scrambled Defuncts - Subterranean Slaughterhouse

Scrambled Defuncts - Subterranean Slaughterhouse lyrics

Mutilated infant's bodies are thrown into the pit
Cruelly disfigured, pile of rotten meat
Mixed up with parted skeletons it lies
The vile stench of putrefaction hurts my eyes

I am here alone with my valuable prey
I am the master, the one who takes care
Abnormal atmosphere turns me on
It makes my sickest fantasies flow

I can hear the breathing of a halfdead child
I take body out of the heap, hook pierces it's insides
Make an incision on his head, start to drag off skin
Cutting the tendons, flaying the skin with my teeth

Inhuman cries of dying victims became too loud
Too loud for me and I'm cutting their throats
Warm blood pours heavily right into my face,
Caressing me, I'm cumming, i'm going insane

Hooked up piece of meat is still alive
It bleeds and suffering's frozen in it's eyes
Innocent victim live splattered with gore
Remind me of those i've killed before

Stiffening body twitches in death's hands
Few strikes of knife and the child is dead
I decapitate the corpse and smash it's skull
It's eyes left their orbits, brain falls out of mouth

Throw away the carcass and the hook is free
Here's my axe and i begin to cut up meat
Perverted dividing, blood boils in my veins
It makes me strike again with my axe

Mangled organs fly away, they're all messed
The axe got stuck in the split chest
I'm take it out and go on chopping the mass
I should finish it soon-this body's not the last
Singer (band) name: Scrambled Defuncts
Song name: Subterranean Slaughterhouse
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