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Inner Shrine - Subsidence Song Lyrics

Inner Shrine - Subsidence

Inner Shrine - Subsidence lyrics

Now I see in my hand, in you, all the tears of a life.
In my life I've searched through the lies,
all I've felt I regret.

Rises the sun, flashes in my eyes,
disperses the last shades of light.
Torn inside... tears that cry... forever I bleed...

I will be...

Mortified! Mortified! When I drop my destiny.
Mortified! Mortified! Because my death is near.
Mortified! Mortified! When I drop my destiny.

What price I've paid to win?
I've lost my time in sins.
I know how to search inside.
I know how to search my life.
Singer (band) name: Inner Shrine
Song name: Subsidence
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