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BANE - Subjugate Song Lyrics

BANE - Subjugate

BANE - Subjugate lyrics

Be fearful for your life
Fear for your heart
Pray for your soul as I rip it... apart
The sweet temptation, the violent urge for me to kill
To rip, cut and mutilate, this insistent need I must... sedate
Screaming in pain
Clenching my knife
Postponing the urge to end your life
Pushing you down
You're struggling in fear
Cutting and slashing
Blood everywhere
Raping you now
You're starting to choke
Fucking you hard
My hands squeezing your throat
Coming inside you
Releasing my seed
Anxious to quench my sick evil need
Savor the sight
Fresh blood on my cock
Not even in death will your pain stop
The end of your life is approaching the hour
You'll be the finest example of my power
Your body is mine
Cry if you must
Nothing will stop me from feeding my lust
Forfeit your soul
You'll lose your mind now that I'm in control
Call out your god
Soon you'll be dead
The end of your life in a shower of red
Pray for your soul
Take your last breath
The end of your life
I am the bringer of death...
Singer (band) name: BANE
Song name: Subjugate
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