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Zachary Addison - Subject Song Lyrics

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Zachary Addison - Subject lyrics

As she walked towards the window,
I slowly wept.
She said she would always die on,
The only promise she ever kept.

As she wept my window she said,
More is always less..
The drugs were always there for her,
But I wasn't so I must confess.

Walking away there,
Driver take me,
To central station.

So I can get away, leave this town,
Don't wanna be hangin' around me.
Yeah, I see her smilin', I see her face,
I miss her style, I miss her grace.

I guess you really could say, that I lost her.
For you and me, it was always meant to be.

But now you're gone,
I'm left alone to my song
Singer (band) name: Zachary Addison
Song name: Subject
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