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Counterparts - Sturdy Wings Song Lyrics

Counterparts - Sturdy Wings

Counterparts - Sturdy Wings lyrics

Everything we are today stems from the marrow of our back bone
This is dedication at its finest,
And we owe everything that we have to you,
Our driving force,
Causing us to constantly better ourselves.
We are redefining the meaning of contentment.
And though the odds are against us,
We all know that we will prevail.
We will prevail.
Accepting all the negativity and turning it into fuel
For the flames that we keep burning on the inside.
Burning from the inside-out.
Consider this a thank you,
For helping us to mold our future selves.
And your words alone are not enough to destroy our commitment.
This is where i belong.
This where we belong.
Singer (band) name: Counterparts
Song name: Sturdy Wings
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