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Send More Paramedics - Resurrection Cemetery Song Lyrics

Send More Paramedics - Resurrection Cemetery

Send More Paramedics - Resurrection Cemetery lyrics

Let's go hang at the graveyard
Dressed up, nowhere to go
We'll smoke pot and dance on the tombstones
'Cos this morbid shit is so a la mode

Let's freak ourselves out
We can have a blast
Let's freak each other out 'til we're too scared to laugh

But what's that sound?
All the devils down in hell crying for release
And what's that twisted shape
That's lurching in between the trees?
My blood runs cold
Pure cold terror fills my mind in the baleful night
I recognise the hateful truth -
The dead are coming back to life!

Resurrection Cemetery

Now all around
I hear cries of pain and fear as the corpses feed
We've found a thrill that's further out
Than any of our wildest dreams

Let's party down
Down at the graveyard
Let's rock and roll
Down at the graveyard

Resurrection Cemetery
Singer (band) name: Send More Paramedics
Song name: Resurrection Cemetery
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