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Count Raven - Prediction Song Lyrics

Count Raven - Prediction

Count Raven - Prediction lyrics

The silent one speaks to me about things that has to come
A natural progression, 'cos things they cannot be left undone
I need to talk to you, and you have to listen too!
Just a small piece of prediction, that we must simply go through
Great is the cry over Bosnia, when Ravenna's monster sees the light
Across the Adriatic sea they come in millions and turns the day into night
A massive invasion from the east, the least that you expected to
Not enough power to hold back, when U. N. s crushed and NATO's through

Living in a dream, oh Europe so unaware
Of the ongoing scheme, soon under heavy warfare

Driving the enemy, across the sea, into Italy
Not one city will be spared, on the coastline, from Monaco to Sicily
The Vatican will be destroyed, and Pope John Paul will be no more
He tries to run away but he'll be captured, and killed outside Lyon on St. Lucy's day
The battle rages on into France, sweet Paris will be no more
Far into the future when it's over, the main town will be Avignon
Entire France is soon invaded, by anger and unholy hate
And it's gonna have to swear itself to be a Muslim state
The world stand and stare, they don't understand what's going on
Like the Bosnia affair, too late they saw what was wrong

Mass graves, slaughter, women raped every day
Chemical warfare, smell of bodies that decay
The world has never seen such cruelty before
Still something worse waits to open up the door

The Allies they attack from Belgium, Germany and Hungary
A massive strike of the British, in the Mediterranean sea
They drive them all the way back into those countries where they came from
Finally they have to pay for all the evil that they have done
Many years will have to pass before the ending of the tyranny
The destruction is simply so devastating, a continent will cease to be
Finally the Christian flag is risen in the city of Istanbul
The beast of the east will taste he's own medicine
And they themselves will be ruled
Singer (band) name: Count Raven
Song name: Prediction
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