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Howling Syn - Jack In The Box Song Lyrics

Howling Syn - Jack In The Box

Howling Syn - Jack In The Box lyrics

[Chorus: ]
Rainy faces of mine
My steps behind
Chanting to me
Mournings of fragile yestersigns

By stabbing my own back
Telling lies, how to act
I'm feeding a weakness
That is biding my time

As empty as those who pour
Confidence on a grieving mime
In this room full of me
I perish in a tombstone dance
My own ardent genocide
Reliving any wounded glance
Released in the wink of a hyde


Backstaring into doubt
Missing link of today
I should fade away
To the cause of my birth

Life-line spitting luxury
At the drownings of what I'm worth
Send love to me if you dare
Priceless second-handed care
Cranked-out the nothing me
It seems to me
I'm only haunted by myself
Singer (band) name: Howling Syn
Song name: Jack In The Box
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