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Lord Gore - Human Song Lyrics

Lord Gore - Human

Lord Gore - Human lyrics

Lost in the jungle deep emerald abyss separated untold miles from
The world civilized
Strangling undergrowth... this climate offers no hope
Awash in the filth crusted mud and foul excreted waste scabs form a rash
Vital nourishment depleting
Torrid blistering heat demented psyche crumbling fast
Stench fetid from infected wounds rancid gangrene growth rich with sickness
Now exudes
As you run with mucous fever festooning you with boils nauseous gorge
Explodes ejecting gastric anal vomit
Sprawled on the ground in horror and exhaustion the whole of you
Skin now a
Scabrious inflammated wound
Something has your scent a hunger stirs primordial
Crazed with the fever sleep consciousness a cruel foe consumed by pathogenic
Sick hallucinations
Now you shake with fear awakened by the wings of doom
Vile larvae the afflicting plague as affixed to the wretched anopolae by
Ingenious parasites
Dermatobia hominis is now clinging to your skin forced to hatch your body
Heat their cue to penetrate
Mouth ringed with teeth hooked into your meat barbed several rows
It seems they're here to stay
Wriggling deeper still itching horrid thrill if you try to pull them out
They'll die and rot inside of you

[Lead: Maniac]

Growing fat within underneath scabby skin liquifying tissue to complete the grisly metamorph
Brain impulse erodes sickening stimuli are they really there?
Or merely maggots of the mind?
Singer (band) name: Lord Gore
Song name: Human
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