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Jacobs Dream - Forever Winter Song Lyrics

Jacobs Dream - Forever Winter

Jacobs Dream - Forever Winter lyrics

Greet the May sky misty morning
June's crystal raindrops fall
Fields of July white with fresh snow
August's evening coldest known

Always winter
Never Christmas
Fall is but a memory
Talk of spring is foolish
Feels as though is will be
Winter forever

Embrace the wind receive her kiss
The bite of frost on skin as bliss
The cld that wraps around your bones
As the fire of passion for your lover

Release your memories to the air
Ans as your breath they disappear
Commit your bodies to the earth
No resurrection no rebirth
Till redemption is complete...

Fall is bu a memory
Spring is but a dream
This is our curse to bear
Embrace the wind receive her kiss
The bite of frost on skin as bliss
Winter forever
Singer (band) name: Jacobs Dream
Song name: Forever Winter
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