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Scrambled Defuncts - Flensed Battue Song Lyrics

Scrambled Defuncts - Flensed Battue

Scrambled Defuncts - Flensed Battue lyrics

Dreadful battue, torn children jumbled up
They are turned inside out and ravished in sprawl
Gouged welted bosom loosened with cattling
Blood from nicked jugular veins pouring in hods

Formless maimed corpses frittered with pole axe
Blastoderms padded with brain dollops and ovaries
Proddedpith wrapped up in rented pia mater
Clawed germs coddled in bleach covered with blebs

Lamed children hang on hooks through their jaws
They're squibing, ruckling and shrilling from stings
Beetle grind up lumped skeletons in bonedust
Hashers masticating putrid rancid meat

In rabid rage I'm wresting quarry bodies
Parboiled infants are put to the rack
Being repeatedly raped and torn asunder
They're swollen and stark overlying in puke

I'm ablating caecums and digestive apparatus
Pelvises, hips and knee-caps filed with hand-saw
Pussy spittle pumped out from seamy pancreas
Purtenance and testicles simmer in cauldrons

Logged off wombs processed through meat-chopper
Stretched foreskin pronged with foliated bones

Wrenched off from maws embryos jump about
Phrenetic, I raven their raw roasts
Oddments of plucks stubbed up from open sores
Pinking the pinnae I purge out ductless glands

Frazzled and fried entrails douse in ichor
Debris of distended swellings turned into pulp
Chopped up children grabble for gouged out eyes
Creeping upon splints of severed and grained heads

Decollated bodies topple on ground and supine
Thrusted through muscles tighten in throe
Rarefyed brains lapped in pared scalps
Tailings of threshed syrinx teem with fly-blows
Singer (band) name: Scrambled Defuncts
Song name: Flensed Battue
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