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Hegemon - By This, I Conquer Song Lyrics

Hegemon - By This, I Conquer

Hegemon - By This, I Conquer lyrics

I am the shadow on the cross
That once you fear to see
I am the conqueror
Of your burning world so bleak
Armies of hatred I gather
To eradicate all that give birth
To weakness and hypocrisy
I come to claim my legacy
Turning each man against his god
Preaching for nothingness
Crushing all forms of worship
I am the great inquisitor
Burning the fields of forever
Drowning the caves of blasphemy
Under the sign of my banner
The blood, by this I conquer!
Power is mine
And I'll use it blindly
To throw you into despair,
And burnt by my sun
You'll implore me
To let you die swiftly...
You have nowhere to hide,
You'll perish by my hands...
This is my revenge!
Beware all of you bastards,
Who once judged me as an outcast
My faith in myself grown stronger than ever,
The time has come for us to see
That our world is nothing but heresy
I choose to fight, I choose to bleed
This is the end of the ancient order!!!
Singer (band) name: Hegemon
Song name: By This, I Conquer
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