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Zeroed - Azazel Song Lyrics

Zeroed - Azazel

Zeroed - Azazel lyrics

I... am... immortal...
End... less... sorrow...
I... am... immortal

Vegetating a life - with no hope
For escape - or absolution
Hardly strong - enough to bear
The burden of all - transgression
Eternal - punishment
Inexorable - torment
I'm a weak penitent - who was
Once dignified - and full of power

I... am... immortal...
From... the... ashes i rise...
I... am... immortal

Absorbing all evil - suddenly loses its weight
All your aggression - and passion feed me
And restrengthens me - now i turn
My chains - to perfect freedom

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth - time is on my side
One by one, i will overcome - one touch and you're done
Not later than when i'm pure - no one can resist
I cannot die - but so will you

To haunt and extinguish your soul - is my aim
To destroy the dictator's creation - will be my revenge
Babylon has fallen, total chaos - then bitterness will reign
My hell breaks loose, face the apocalypse - total genocide


How does it taste? my bitter victory...
How does it feel? to be a toy in this wargame...
What do you think? will there be an end?

I am immortal!
Singer (band) name: Zeroed
Song name: Azazel
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