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Young Buck - 4 Kings Song Lyrics

Young Buck - 4 Kings

Young Buck - 4 Kings lyrics

[Jazze Pha]
Ladies and Gentlemen..

That nigga who oderderd that quarter ki ain't even came by yet
Blew a whole O of dro, and I ain't even high yet
Spent 4 G's or mo', and I ain't even fly yet
Viper truck, Bentley grill, big wheel pimpinThey done gave her 20 mil, well big deal pimpinThink we fakin' when we spittin', better get real pimpin'Cause we still will kill, you just better chill pimpinGet it how he used to live, and keep on fakin' for the women
In life we all make decisions even when faced with collisions
Like me at 13, out in no supervision
Straight thug livin', bumpin' pot drug-dealinSeen daily on the block, need Yay we on the block
Keep the hatin' to yourself, 'cause that AK be on the block
Dougy C be in the V, me and KT, we in the drop
Went from standin' on the block wit rock, to standin' on the top


[Verse 3 - Young Jeezy]
Let's go
1 for the bread, and 2 for the blow
Miss the 17 fire, ya damn right it's gon' snow
Told y'all I was gon' blow, kinky B said so
Or not, back to chargin' 600 for an O
Ain't nothin' to a G, shit I been here before (True)
LA hoop nigga, all you gotta do is score
I turn the brick into a label, nigga I'm a boss
Brush my teeth in the morning, I ain't even gotta floss (Haha)
Sold two million records, and half a million O's (Damn)
Add it all up, it's 'bout a billion rocks
You can't be serious, you niggaz ain't fo' real
Just my ears alone, iss like a quarter a mil' (That's right)
Hit ya by the tech, and blow half the budget (Yup)
I do it for the streets and mutha fuckers love it
Just copped the new Bent, you know ya boy pay cash
Now that's Thug Motivation for your mutha fuckin' ass


[Hook - Young Buck]
I got my pistol in my pants, rocks in my drawers
Holla "WOOPT, WOOPT" homie if you see them laws
I got my pistol in my pants, rocks in my drawers
Holla "WOOPT, WOOPT" homie if you see them laws
Singer (band) name: Young Buck
Song name: 4 Kings
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