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Wyclef Jean - 25 To Life Song Lyrics

Wyclef Jean - 25 To Life

Wyclef Jean - 25 To Life lyrics

[Wyclef talking: ]
Yo to my people doing time, Xzibit, Juvenile, y'all need to
(Wake up everybody) Nature, Ja Rule, Reptile come on
bring the heat.

fuckin' with a nigga's career I cock back at bust in the air
give me space beats with plenty bass drink my Hennessey straight
'til I hurl out third world clout I'll take niggas hearts
and turn killers into girl scouts works of art
Picasso from the Hydro roller-slash-hustler CEO-slash-retired soldier
(For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life)

[Ja Rule]
Kill or be killed behind the wall 40 day short
still the thought of murderer true to the sport
I bang with the best niggas them career criminals
now I'm in with these youngins lookin' to feel me out
Hollerin' 'bout how they gon' hit on me now
Niggas is real wild bangin' before trial
new kicks new trial I don't give a fuck
I'm playin' the yard ox taped to my nuts
ready to self destruct Lord I don't wanna die
but what powered your honor to hit me with 25
I know that real recognize every hustle
and die with these niggas in the struggle
Ya feel me

Oh God shells loaded in the semi auto quoted
unknown cat never voted picture me on the scene
huntin' for greens like Mike Meyers trick or treatin' on Halloween
mashed down in the fatigues servin' the fiends
kill or be killed metal pipes under the sleeve
in the city slicker bust checks or puff cess
ruffneck love liquor & act figures bloodsport on the streets
no gloves pullin' knives out the 'fridge handin' out cold cuts
ugh streets real thug so recognize thug close yo' eyes thug
you 'bout to die thug!
Call the President I'm blowin' up ya residence
spill acid on the corpse to clear the evidence
Protestors outside screamin' free Gotti
guard your body SWAT teams is waitin' with the shotty

(For every rhyme I write get 25 to Life)
[Wyclef: ] Y'all need to (wake up everybody)


For all my people doin' time keep your head up
Wyclef Jerry "Wonder" New Millenium new millenium come on
Singer (band) name: Wyclef Jean
Song name: 25 To Life
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