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Vandals - 43210-1 Song Lyrics

Vandals - 43210-1

Vandals - 43210-1 lyrics

Pretending you're even having fun,
You just stand there looking dumb
And bored with your thumb in your ass...
(You're better than that! )

For once in your life,
Before you retire
Be the leader of the choir,
Set your pubic hair on fire just because...
(You feel like it! )

Be that moron screaming in the crowd,
"Hey! "
This shit could never ever be too loud for me,
So help us help you armpit fart,
'Cause we're only gettin' started.

(Dance and bleed,
Karate chop,
And pray good times will never
Stop! )
Singer (band) name: Vandals
Song name: 43210-1
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