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Usurper - 1666 A.D. Song Lyrics

Usurper - 1666 A.D.

Usurper - 1666 A.D. lyrics

1666 A. D.

Necromantic predictions
False prophets execute the King
The streets of London shall lie barren
Awaiting the cleansing of the flames
Heretics prepare for Armageddon
Carting off the bodies of the dead

Poisoned blood, a gift from God
Shallow graves become your home

Prophecies of fire
Plague cast upon man
Divine retribution
Great pretenders shall fall

Plague, fire, death
Hate, fire, blood

Prophecies of fire
Bloodshed of the just
Divine retribution
Extinguish the whole...
Fucking world!
Singer (band) name: Usurper
Song name: 1666 A.D.
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