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Undertones - (She's A) Runaround Song Lyrics

Undertones - (She's A) Runaround

Undertones - (She's A) Runaround lyrics

She doesn't know what she's feeling inside
She'll never get what she's never had
She wants to leave home but she can't get away
Always on her own every single day

Cos she's a run-around - what a total disaster
She's a run-around - she's got nothing to do
She's a run-around - doesn't know what she's after
She's a run-around - she hasn't a clue

She wishes she could live in a world of her own
Go someplace where she's not known
There's no more her to do any good
Can't get the satisfaction she wishes she could

Cos she's a run-around...

She doesn't know what she's feeling inside...

Cos she's a run-around
Singer (band) name: Undertones
Song name: (She's A) Runaround
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