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Trick Daddy - 99 Problems Song Lyrics

Trick Daddy - 99 Problems

Trick Daddy - 99 Problems lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got a bitch with pearls a bitch teeth with golds
A bitch on da shelf and a bitch that's sold
I got a bitch down low and a bitch Im doing publicly
A bitch I cant stand and the bitches still lovin me
I got a bitch I beep a bitch I call a bitch in thongs and one in
Regular draws I got a bitch thats a bout and we fuck in the car
Two bitches thats down with a may-nah-sej-twa
I got a bitch in a corola a bitch in a bentley
A bitch who aint lose her virginity yet
I got a bitch thats a thug and she carry a gat
A bitch that look like Kim and one that look like Da Brat
I got a Bitch thats a freak and she's fienin
Fa dick I got a bitch from Peru and she no speak a english
I got so many bitches they get done
I got 99 problems and a Bitch aint one

Dont give a fuck about a bitch
Aint gotta worry about a bitch
I got so many bitches that get done
I got 99 problems and a bitch aint ONE [2x]

[Verse 3]
I got big bootie bitches Big tittie bitches
Cornbread eatin ass from the city bitches
Bitches from the dirty south bitch from the bay
A bitch who in that video with snoop and dre
I got a ride or die bitch a bitch who still cloth
A bitch who say she badder then all of u hoes
I got a nasty bitch a prankters bitch
A two time offendin ass gangsta bitch
See I'm Money Mark Diggular a playa fa sho
Hit them 16-60 blind criple or po
Its u is or u aint bitch let me know
Cause I got a whole team but Im lookin fa mo

I got so many bitches and they love to get done
I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one [2x]

shake that ass ho
shake that ass ho
shake that ass ho
shake that ass ho
shake that ass ho
shake that ass ho

Tre plus
Tre Plus
Singer (band) name: Trick Daddy
Song name: 99 Problems
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