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The Bathroom Wall - (I Cant Play) Basketball Song Lyrics

The Bathroom Wall - (I Cant Play) Basketball

The Bathroom Wall - (I Cant Play) Basketball lyrics

Are you ready for some air ball throwin free throw blowin no look where Im
goin free style flowin? You are in my house baby!

Well its
Tip off time and Im off the tip.
Walkin to the bench and I sit.
Bite my lip bustin out rhymes
Standin in line cause its garbage time.
Cause Im calm Im cool and I collected
Eighteen shots that got rejected.
Im not Corey Feldman Im not Corey Haim.
I got a license to drive but I aint got game.

Jimmy What you say?
You cant play
Jimmy what you say? (I double-dribble traveled through the middle)
You cant play
Basketball (Oh my bad - youre not on my team?)

Wear my socks high cause it makes me feel cool.
I dont know how to dribble but I know how to drool.
People always say that Im a basketball fool.
I got a little tiny hoop cold "floatin" in my pool.
Played my friends dog on a twenty dollar bet.
I took him to the hole. I took him to the vet.
Shoot from the three every chance I get.
I call it in the air nothin but nothin.

Singer (band) name: The Bathroom Wall
Song name: (I Cant Play) Basketball
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