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Tamyra Gray - 17 Song Lyrics

Tamyra Gray - 17

Tamyra Gray - 17 lyrics

I was only 17 when he
Came around and passed my way
He was the finest thing I'd ever seen
And his eyes were green
Him and the boys played basketball
While I was chillin at the park
He had a smile that could shine a light
On your darkest days
He came up to me and said
Excuse me what's your name
I was just wondering if you would like 2 get away


Do you remember me?
At the age of 17
You fell in love with me
But it was never ever meant to be

Later on as we got to know each other
I just wanted this day to last forever
But as I learned more bout him
I wondered if I'd ever see him again
There was something bout the way he made me feel
It felt as though the whole world were standing still
And when we talked I could see
He was the perfect man for me
When he took me home that night
I knew that I was gone
He walked me to my door
And that's when I started to write this song


Do you remember me?
At the age of 17
You fell in love with me
But it was never ever meant to be

Do you remember me?
I was only 17
Lived my life so wild and free
But it was never ever meant to be

I fell in love the moment I laid my eyes on him
But that's just the problem
Cuz he was already in a relationship
He said he wasn't happy
It wasn't working
And I reminded him of the way that she used to be
He said he couldn't stay and that was just the way
At the sweet age of 17

Singer (band) name: Tamyra Gray
Song name: 17
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