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Shedaisy - 5 4 3 2 Run Song Lyrics

Shedaisy - 5 4 3 2 Run

Shedaisy - 5 4 3 2 Run lyrics

She stares all night at the plaster peeling
Off of the shadows she painted on the ceiling
Trying to find some philosophical meaning
to life
But the truth is Ruth is ready to hatch
She's gotta break the door down,
gotta bust a latch
She's gotta super-sized itch
That's gotta be scratched, alright

She stands up and gets down
And digs her heels out of that
pea-pickin' town

She got sidetracked and backpacked
her way to Atlanta
Picked a pocketful of posies, got
here busted in 'Bama
Truck stop trollop, selling roses
from a van for a dime
She woke up and broke down
Collect call to that pea-pickin' town

[Repeat Chorus]

[Bridge: ]
Run, run, run, run all the way back home
Run away from the great unknown
It felt good for a mintue, 'til she got
stuck in it
Stuck in it

Her yellow brick road crashed
Right through the rose-colored glass
Rose-colored glass

[Second Chorus: ]
Hey, hey, hey, hey - yeah, what a waste
There's more to life that the thrill of
the chase
Hey, hey, hey, hey - this is s'posed to be fun
5 4 3 2 ready run

[Repeat Second Chorus]
Singer (band) name: Shedaisy
Song name: 5 4 3 2 Run
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