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Seance - 13th Moon Song Lyrics

Seance - 13th Moon

Seance - 13th Moon lyrics

whispering shadows near
the sound of naked feet, followed by fear
watch the storm and pretend that you don't know
this night will witness howly power flow

luminated creatures fill the air
the silence has been shattered everywhere
the beat of mighty wings conjure a roar
nothing - nolonger as before

13th moon
awakening of the blessed sign
now burning in the sky

the evil in the veins come to file
the darkness in my eyes avoids the light
I gently move and turn my new sprungwings
I - levitate

this is the dreaded night
I sense the evil here
worshipping the holy grace - nothing to fear
hear his words so clear
hammering hollow sound
comes from the underground
warmth from underneath
rises to be seen
Singer (band) name: Seance
Song name: 13th Moon
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