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Scattered Fall - 20 Year Fall Song Lyrics

Scattered Fall - 20 Year Fall

Scattered Fall - 20 Year Fall lyrics

You didn't have to go
you didn't have to leave
you didn't have to die
someone tell me why
(seems like times are changing)
seems like change is breaking thru
wish we could have said goodbye
if we only knew it was your time
one last hug before you left
even though we would have been upset
(someone tell me why)
why'd you have to go
why'd you have to leave
why'd you have to die
wish it was a lie
back in the day we used to be so close
then what happened? change arose
a few years past you came back in my life
it seemed like you were doing alright
next thing i knew you took your last breath
and now you know the mystery
(wish it was a lie)
who would have thought on valentines
(you i'd miss)
you knew you shouldn't have been
fucking with that shit anyway
Singer (band) name: Scattered Fall
Song name: 20 Year Fall
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