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Saxon - 20,000 Ft Song Lyrics

Saxon - 20,000 Ft

Saxon - 20,000 Ft lyrics

If there's one thing i love
It's flying high above
Breaking through the barrier of sound
It's just like making love
When you're up above
Riding in my bird of silver steel

Forget the time (*)
Ten miles high
Living my fantasies
At twenty thousand feet
Twenty thousand feet, twenty thousand feet

It's the rushing of my blood
That makes me feel so good
I can see the world below just shooting by
Twice the speed of sound
That's how i like to ride
My chariot of steel across the sky

(Repeat *)

If it's faster than light
Sharper than steel
I'll race across the ceiling of the world
Just like a gun
Aiming at the sun
Riding in my bird of silver steel

(Repeat *)

I'm floating in space
The world seems to disappear
Then i awake
Got to get my head back in place
Twenty thousand feet, twenty thousand feet
Twenty thousand feet, twenty thousand feet
Singer (band) name: Saxon
Song name: 20,000 Ft
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