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Samael - 'till We Meet Again... Song Lyrics

Samael - 'till We Meet Again...

Samael - 'till We Meet Again... lyrics

To those whom I miss,
And to those who would miss me

Life is short, but long in the living
Going forth on the uncertain paths of the future
Seeking an outlet, a path, in vein

There where that tunnel so familiar

And that wall banishing the light
Stifling forever the hope of better day

Curs'd be she who gave me birth
Prisoner of life, I await my deliverance
I am weary of the struggle for chimeras
Of sensing the weight of time, past and future

I began my descent as from that first day
This night shall be mine, that of the great leap
There will be a war, a key, a door

Faced with the dilemma of the cord
Short are the paths which lead to the tomb

Drunk with eternity I topple the chair beneath my feet
The phobia of the infinite is speedily replaced by darkness

This profound and absolute darkness
Which I have dreamed of for so long
Singer (band) name: Samael
Song name: 'till We Meet Again...
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