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Roy Jones Jr. - 24's Song Lyrics

Roy Jones Jr. - 24's

Roy Jones Jr. - 24's lyrics

[Hook- Perion]
You can find me on 24's
Blowin on a pound of dro
Getting gone in the wind
Sitting behind tint
Getting bent
You can't see me
But you smell the smoke

Oh yeah

and if one time roll up
we ain't fittin turn this knock off
I'm a crank this surround up
and show him my thang
and if we need us another corner to slang
it ain't a thang
we got that 3rd Ward, that Yellowstone, 5th Ward and the Acres
dirty dub back to the Southside we fulla bar breakers
so anywhere you wanna take us
guarantee you can show him up
I'm a crank him like a seal on a PT and pour him up
Paul Wall the OG Ron C to slow him up
so if ya'll reppin some down ass hoods player than throw 'em up
keep the Trillness in front of me and them haters behind me
so Magic if you're lookin Bum B this how you gone find me... my nigga


I'm on the 10 goin' West and I'm heading straight to the H
From Louisiana got money to make
They got some bitches I didn't cut
Some clubs I didn't crash
Some bars I haven't run up the tab on a nigga ass
Neglecting my nuts I work too much
Singer (band) name: Roy Jones Jr.
Song name: 24's
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