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Quincy Punx - 5 State Killing Spree Song Lyrics

Quincy Punx - 5 State Killing Spree

Quincy Punx - 5 State Killing Spree lyrics

Sitting in the backseat of a stolen car
Wondering if we're gonna get very far
Pocket full of bullets for the gun in my hand
Nothing to lose cuz we're allready damned
The needle on the dash says 105
The needle in my arm makes me feel so alive
Reds in my head and I'm doing just fine
Ten more miles and we'll be at the state line

Gonna see my face on TV
Americas most wanted is me
Gotta keep running if we wanna be free
We're on a five state killing spree

Got a bunch of drugs and a trunk full of booze
We've killed six cops so we got nothing to lose
Living on the run stealing everything we need
We got high quality pharmecutical speed
Booze & guns & ammo & a bunch of porno mags
Stacks of twenty dollar bills stuffed in plastic bags
Tossing fast-food styrfoam out the window as we go
'I Wanna be a Dyke' blasting on the stereo
Singer (band) name: Quincy Punx
Song name: 5 State Killing Spree
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