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Poison - (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice Song Lyrics

Poison - (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice

Poison - (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice lyrics

Like animals
Tonight we make it
You give me an inch,
I'm gonna take it

I'll steal your love
Like a thief
To be as one
is my belief

Don't look back and have no regrets
Like beasts of prey we must feed on it
I'll be your one, your one and only
To feel me burn come close and hold me

There's no more time,
Don't think about
The flame will die
If you doubt

It's a game of
Love and hate
To lose it all's
a chance we take

Come to me and take my hand
It's in the fire that we must stand
I'll take you down under my gun
Our flesh and blood will be as one


Our blood runs deeper than a river
The less you need the more I'm gonna give you
And give you but good

Singer (band) name: Poison
Song name: (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice
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