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Obie Trice - Look In My Eyes Song Lyrics

Obie Trice - Look In My Eyes

Obie Trice - Look In My Eyes lyrics

"Look In My Eyes"

Out on the grind
My kind
Nickel and dime niggaz we ain't rich yet
We on the corner wit a 40 and a biscuit
Ready for bitch shit
Have you drinkin
We ain't got good sense
My hood so tense
Niggaz so dense
I see through the life you invent
Slow up on how you niggaz vent
You niggaz ain't representin shit
I represent school crowd killas
Detroit nigga
My nigga what
The realest
Exploit niggaz
My nigga what
What's the point in avoidin your feelins
You niggaz fillas
You drillas
You a lyrics motherfuckers
Real life experiences
Eminem gave the clearance
So I here to show you niggaz brialliance
Build it
Shady marine no civilian
O Trice you fuckin wit a real one

[Chorus - Nate Dogg]

[Obie Trice]
This is what the streets done to me
Gun on me
Hopes high only keep change up community
Give it up in unity
Raise future mes
You look in my eyes that's the dream Obie see
Man it seems
It's as easy as the rhyme Obie brings
But my eye shows things intervene
All or in between
It's like losin my team
Losin my freedom, losin my mind, and the being
The being I'm a being
Graduated from rights of beings
To a beance
Congratulated on life's irenes
On your biatch
I done came to far to go backwards
My aim to extreme for y'all

[Chorus - Nate Dogg]

[Obie Trice]
Look in my eys man
It ain't shit but real talk over here nigga
I would never send you elsewhere
I got hair on my nuts nigga
Grown man shit
That's how a nigga get into clubs nigga
When I ain't got no ID
Flash my nuts on they ass
They walk me right in nigga
Ha ha ha ha ha
Obie Trice
Singer (band) name: Obie Trice
Song name: Look In My Eyes
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