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Mdc - Kill The Light Song Lyrics

Mdc - Kill The Light

Mdc - Kill The Light lyrics

i control you through your fear kept you shackled all these years you were bought and sold in hell before you were born your life is mortgaged so grovel and sweat it's paid for my ego kept you in debt my thoughts- cash, cash need cash cash wheel and deal and steal feeding our lust it's just us you're a race of slaves half in your graves i'm a cancer cell here to tell you need me, i own you i deserve the light hanging around, cold and wet i'm out of work and desperate urine subways the stench of puke empty alleys beggars disease sweatin' on my cot which illness i got fight to survive just to stay alive pawn my tv set i got no regrets gotta make it home shoot some hope feel the warmth kill the ligh
Singer (band) name: Mdc
Song name: Kill The Light
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